Optimize the effectiveness of your veneer peeling process


Block chargers - optimal centering improves veneer recovery

Block charger is the start of your veneer, plywood or LVL manufacturing process and determines its effectiveness. If block centering is not optimized, you will permanently lose the opportunity to maximize the yield and full sheet recovery from your raw material. 

Accurate laser scanning together with optimal block centering algorithms ensure recovery and maximize the amount of high-quality face veneer. Proper centering adapts to any block: different shapes and sizes, curved blocks and varied diameters. 

Raute laser centering solutions in our R5 and R7-Series peeling utilize automated centering. Its patented autocalibration maintains centering accuracy improving yield in continuous operation. 

Round-up lathe is an efficient method for centering straight, small diameter blocks. Raute R3-Series peeling line utilizes a manual round-up lathe before veneer peeling to peel off bark and round the blocks. 

Raute centering solutions are available for new or existing Raute peeling lines as modernizations and also for other manufacturers’ peeling lines.

Improve recovery with optimal block centering

To learn more about how to optimize centering with our block chargers, talk to our experts.

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