The most advanced face composing technology on the market


Clip out the minimum amount of quality veneer and create invisible joints. Spot even minor rots inside wood and maximize composed face veneer quality.

Increase recovery of face veneer with intelligent composing

Raute face veneer composing technology is the most advanced on the market. It increases face recovery up to 20% compared to other face composing methods. It allows you to compose even small, 200mm wide strips into full size veneer sheets with invisible butt joints that maximize veneer strength and face veneer quality.

Raute analyzers are excellent at spotting and clipping out minor rots inside wood that would go undetected by normal scanners. Optimized clipping ensures the best utilization of good quality raw material and minimizes trash.

Raute Face Veneer Composing Line R7 makes sure that even the most demanding quality needs are met and maximizes recovery of smooth and strong face veneer.

Want to know more about face veneer composing?

Our experts are happy to tell you more and find the right fit to your composing needs!

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