Right block for different products


Grading of blocks for maximum peeling efficiency

Grading for flexibility and profit

Grading of incoming logs is essential to make veneer production as efficient as possible with high recovery.

To grade the incoming logs to different grades by their length, diameter, and curviness  is the start. This gives you the best grading result for the following process to ensure its maximum efficiency and maximum value in relation to the amount of raw material. The right products will be made with the right raw material.

原木分等 解决方案



劳特是世界上唯一能够提供单板、胶合板和 LVL 从木块到产品的端到端生产全过程的公司。材料、机械和尺寸的任何组合都可以根据您的需要进行调整,从而为您打造完整的工厂。