Panel repairing

Panels are repaired to achieve the best possible smooth surface quality

Panel repairing means fixing defects after the panel has been made. Repairing on the panel is done because some of the defects cannot be repaired before the panel is formed. By repairing these defects the end quality of the panel is higher and that means better recovery with more valuable production for the whole mill.

Repairing is the last manual heavy process in the plywood production. It is hard to get people to do manual repairing as it is very unergonomic and difficult to make consistently according the quality rules. By automating the repair process it is possible to reduce work related injuries and sick leaves.

New Solutions for Panel repairing

Raute has developed two new solutions for panel repairing which are based on the recent improvements in machine vision analysing capabilities and high speed motion control. These improvements result in breakthrough in capacity, quality and reduces the usage of repairing material. Both of these two solutions make uniform quality on 24/7 basis.

Panel Repair Station R5 is the compact solution for starting the automated repairing or adding capacity with an easy investment. Station fits into the same space as the traditional manual repair cell would and it doesn’t require special foundations.

Panel Repairing Line R7 brings uncompromised capacity for most demanding needs. Line can handle trimmed and untrimmed panels and repairs them on the move. Typically whole mill production is run through this line.

Development in repair materials

One component putty has taken major development steps recently as repair material. Chemical and mechanical properties suit better for repairing with overlaying.

On many applications one component putty replaces two component materials. This means ease of use and material savings in production.

Panel repairing 解决方案



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