The heart of your veneer peeling line - and its yield


Veneer Lathes - accuracy in peeling for all raw materials

The quality and yield of peeled veneer are essential in defining the overall efficiency of veneer, plywood and LVL production. If you produce low quality or lose veneer during peeling you cannot restore them easily during the later stages of the process. The quality of veneer is affected by multiple factors that are controlled in different phases of peeling.

All Raute lathes utilize an optimal peeling geometry (OPG) that enables dynamic adjustments for producing strong veneer with a good thickness tolerance and smooth surface throughout the veneer ribbon. You don't need to compromise on quality or capacity - Raute technology maintains both and also optimizes face veneer and full sheet recovery. The lathes are designed for safe and easy use and made from high-quality components built to last. 

Veneer Lathe R7 responds to all your peeling needs with speed and quality. Veneer Lathe R7-Hybrid peels with and without spindles to maximize veneer recovery from surface to the smallest possible core. Veneer Lathe R5 is your proven solution for high-quality veneer peeling with spindles. The spindleless Veneer Lathe R3 allows you to make the most of small diameter blocks and peel with an unmatched thickness tolerance. 

Accurate and efficient peeling with Raute veneer lathes

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